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Throw a Rock and Roll Bat Mitzvah

Records, a juke box, and all your favorite rock stars will be there -well, at least in spirit. Throw a rockin' bat mitzvah that will have your guests dancing in the streets!

She's the Star of the Show

Have some fun with this theme - you could be inducting your child into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or it could just be a stop on her world tour - and include that information in the invites. You might want to choose a decade of music and focus on that: the groovy '70s, the hippie '60s, and so on.


Have a '50s rock theme where dance contests or hula hoop contests were all the rage, and present prizes to the winner - like a Personalized CD Travel Case or Personalized Mini Radio and Headphones. Or, for a more modern approach, rent a karaoke machine and let the kids go crazy singing their favorite rock songs. Hire a photographer to capture kids wearing crazy rock and roll costumes. Be sure to hire a DJ who knows to play your child's and her friends' favorite songs all night long.

Decorations and Food

Rent a jukebox and let the kids play their favorite songs. Make centerpieces out of CDs or old vinyl records and balloons. Hang shiny CDs from the DJ stand, across doorways, and scattered on tables with glitter or confetti. Serve treats in the shape of musical notes, like cookies, or a giant cake that looks just like a musical staff.

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